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DIY your Own Address Stamps

DIY your own address or name stamps easily with the Silhouette Mint! Please note this page contains affiliate links, which help support this site.

Addressing envelopes is one thing I don't really enjoy doing. I like handlettering them, but when you have more than a few to address, that gets a bit tedious for me. I usually print off stickers so it's easier, but this time around I wanted to personalize it a bit more with my own handlettering for our surname. It's so easy to create your own stamp with the Silhouette Mint! Read on to see how I did it!

address stamp diy your own silhouette mint

Christmas Truck Sign at Crafts Unleashed

Learn how to make this fun Christmas Truck sign with the easy tutorial I shared over at Crafts Unleashed. 

Who else decorates for Christmas late? I usually start early (with the tree, as early as my husband will let me) but I put off most of other decorations until after the 1st of December, mainly because I'm indecisive about a lot of things. A few weeks ago though I shared this easy Christmas Truck sign over at Crafts Unleashed - along with a free template file for you guys to download so you can make your own. 

christmas sign truck at crafts unleashed

Easy Christmas DIY Shaker Cards at Crafts Unleashed

Learn how easy it is to create these fun Christmas DIY Shaker Cards at Crafts Unleashed!

christmas shaker cards DIY
I love making cards and tags - it's just so fun! I literally create a few tag designs over the holidays - and I don't end up using all of them. However, these DIY Shaker Cards are just so fun not to give out this coming holiday! 

Free Thanksgiving Printable Stickers at DIY Candy

Decorate your planner with these free thanksgiving printable stickers I shared over at DIY Candy!

free printable planner

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